Brief about UIHD

UIHD is a registered non-profit company with a registration number 2009/016125/08. Since it was founded, UIHD has played a pivotal role in helping individuals identify and utilise their talent, abilities and gift to achieve life goals. UIHD is deemed as a life skills centre that produces well-capacitated business entrepreneurs and leaders of the future. UIHD also acknowledges the need of addressing immediate charitable needs of the society that is why UIHD has included Charity work as one of the offerings amongst the programs which. Explore UIHD offerings by clicking what we do page.

Welcome note

We would like to welcome you to the official website for the Universal Institute for Human Development. Through this site, you will get to know more about us. If your are interested in helping us make change, you can send us your details through the get involved page.

what we do

UIHD offers life skill development programs which focus on different areas of human development. The main areas that UIHD programs are focuses on are self-discovery, professional skills (entrepreneurship, management and personal branding) , interpersonal skills, edutainment and community development.

The education support program that UIHD offers is focusing on the two main areas i.e. provide relevant career knowledge to the learners from grade 11 upwards and support qualifying grade 11 and 12 learners with application fee to one preferable institution of higher learning.

UIHD believes that any economic success of a nation depends on how the nation develop entrepreneurs. In most instances entrepreneurship is is perceived as big business establishment but according to UIHD even a person who is selling sweets is an entrepreneurs. UIHD encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship to individuals.