What we do.

Skills development program

UIHD offers life skill development programs which focus on different areas of human development. The main areas that UIHD programs are focuses on are self-discovery, professional skills (entrepreneurship, management and personal branding) , interpersonal skills, edutainment and community development.

Through experience gained from working with different communities, UIHD has developed a comprehensive personal development program called the Complete Skills Development Program (CSDP). Learn More about the CSDP.

Education support program

The education support program that UIHD offers is focusing on the two main areas i.e. provide relevant career knowledge to the learners from grade 11 upwards and support qualifying grade 11 and 12 learners with application fee to one preferable institution of higher learning.

We chose these two areas because acquiring relevant career knowledge and application fee is still a serious challenge to the majority of the learners. UIHD believes once leaners have been admitted to the institutions of higher leaning they gain access to multiple funding opportunities which includes government NASFAS.

Enterprise development program

UIHD believes that any economic success of a nation depends on how the nation develop entrepreneurs. In most instances e ntrepreneurship is is perceived as big business establishment but according to UIHD even a person who is selling sweets is an entrepreneurs. UIHD encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship to individuals. People can sell their skills or tangible commodities. This culture cannot be cultivated without Government, NGOs , established companies and institution of higher learning partner ing in building a required attitude and culture to individuals. UIHD developed a comprehensive enterprise development provides practical entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and link the entrepreneurs with potential funders.

Sport, Recreation, Art & Cultural Program

UIHD believes the most effective way to eradicate the prevalent social ills (crime, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, illnesses and lack of social cohesion) in the developing and under developed countries is through revitalisation of Sport, Recreation, Art and Cultural Programs. Such kind of activities brings people with different views together, creates common goals, builds a physically fit and mentally sound individuals, and creates a social cohesion amongst the members of the society. Sport, Recreation, Art and Cultural activities builds loyalty, keep those who have nothing to do busy and unite people. UIHD developed programmes that seeks to revitalise the Sport, Recreation, Art and Cultural activities through partnership with organised intuition and existing sporting codes in communities.

Health & environmental awareness program

UIHD acknowledges the need for individuals, community and society to be mindful of their physical health and cleanness of the environment where they stay. The subject of health and environmental awareness can be taken for granted at times but it is one of the fundamental knowledge that should be accessible to everyone and the values that should be instilled to all individuals. The Universal Institute for Human Development developed a practical and effective health and environmental awareness programs which educate individuals about the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle, environmental hygiene, and be mindful of the climate change. UIHD offer this program through partnerships with the, other NGOs communities and institutions. UIHD conduct knowledge sharing programs, cleaning and awareness campaigns.

Charity work

UIHD believes if there is an opportunity to give you must give and this is the approach we take towards the charity programs. UIHD partner with relevant charity organizations if there is a specific initiatives identified to support individuals and communities. Our gallery is a testimony of several successful charity programs that UIHD implemented in the previous years. We have implemented charity programs that support kids schooling, winter drive, food security, etc.

UIHD believes that sustainability should inform all the programs that we implement therefore in every charity work we do we introduce the mechanisms that will lead to recurrence and sustainability of the programs or the course.